Travel Activities for the Little Ones

Disney Entrance

If your family is anything like ours, you do not live 5 minutes down the road from WDW. Devastating for sure! We personally travel from North Carolina, usually by car or train. That being said, our travel time is far longer than the typical 2 hour plane ride. Yet, we can pack as much junk as we want to. Pros and Cons, right?

Thankfully, we live in a time where technology is all around us – iPads, Tablets, Smartphones, Kindles, Nooks, LeapPads. And, of course, DVD players to occupy a little one on their way to WDW. Who doesn’t love 8 hours of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse….while on their way to SEE Mickey?! 🙂

However, even with all of the technology, kids get bored. Very bored. Very easily. Knowing this, especially with our daughter, I did some research and looking around prior to a 10 hour drive to New Jersey early in the summer. And, somehow, I created an activity kit that she absolutely LOVES.

I took a binder from my college days (Go Pirates!), found a bunch of free printable coloring and activity sheets (stuff that’s on her level as a 3 year old), threw in some white paper, and hole punched all of them. I bought new crayons, new colored pencils, and two zipper pencil pouches that can go into a binder. And, with all of these things, I created a binder that now goes everywhere with us because she loves it so much. And, it didn’t take that long to create. *side note : for the older kids, throw some educational activities into the mix – fact sheets on the states you are driving/riding through, math activities, crossword puzzles, etc*

So, the next time you are planning a long road trip, preferably to WDW, and your kids love activities with crayons and colored pencils (add in markers if you are feeling optimistic!), grab the below items and go to some of these AMAZING sites to get some great coloring sheets and activities:

If you have any amazing go-to sites for activities, please feel free to share!!

Stay tuned for more activities to help you ALL survive your long travels!


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