Top 12 Bag Essentials for a Theme Park Visit

When traveling with small children, it is absolutely imperative that you bring a bag with you to the park. This is NOT the time to be tough and say “We don’t need a bag. Pssh!”

I have been to WDW enough to know when someone packs too much, or too little. Pack too much and you get annoyed by the junk boggling you down. Pack too little, and you are leaving early because someone had an accident, and you now have to give up the PERFECT spot you have staked out for the Electrical Parade.

Admittedly, the first few days we were in the park with our daughter who had just turned 2 at the time, we had SO much stuff that we thought we needed, but never ended up needing more than half of it. Once we dropped the excess baggage, we didn’t feel so boggled down. It also gave us the room to use the storage under Emma’s stroller for its intended purpose – shopping goodies! 🙂

Below, I have listed the top 12 essentials that I have found are most helpful while in the Parks with little ones. Obviously, depending on the season and weather,  there are a few items I would suggest adding, which I have listed at the bottom:

1. Hand sanitizer
2. Baby/hand wipes
3. Chap stick
4. Sunscreen
5. Small snacks – goldfish, fruit snacks, raisins, etc.
6. Camera/camcorder
7. Smartphone ( can be used as camera, camcorder, and access to the Disney app which allows you to check wait times, make reservations,  etc)
8. Tissues
9. Change of clothing for small ones/diapers/pull ups
10. Mini first aid kit
11. Hoodies/jackets
12. Ponchos/rain jackets

Along with these items, don’t forget to bring magic bands, wallet, any medications that might be necessary while in the park, and maybe a large ziploc bag for any wet items.

These are OUR essential must haves; what are yours?!

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