Top 10 Snacks to try at Disney World

We can all agree that the food options at Walt Disney World are AMAZING! The only problem is, there just isn’t enough time, or room in our pants (and bellies), to eat ALL of the food…even if we want to.

In an effort to help pare down some of the options available throughout WDW, we have provided a list of the top 10 snacks that you MUST try when visiting everyone’s home away from home:


Dole Whipxdisney-snack-dole-whip-wdw-jpg-pagespeed-ic-eyiatprg0x

What is it: The Dole Whip is a soft serve dessert (non-dairy) that is made from puree. This delicious treat is offered in three flavors: orange, vanilla, and the ‘cream of the crop,’ pineapple. The pineapple flavor is the most popular item, and is a very unique flavor to WDW. This is the perfect treat for a hot day when you want something a little different!

Location: Captain Cook’s ; Aloha Isle – Magic Kingdom

Average Price: Around $4.00-$5.50 USD (depending on if you get the Dole Whip or the Dole Whip Float)




Fruit & Nutella Waffle Sandwich

What is it: Take a large waffle, slather it with Nutella (a chocolate hazelnut spread) and fill it with fresh fruit. Ta-da! You have a yummy treat! Don’t like to mix certain foods? Ask for the fruit on the side. 🙂

Location: Sleepy Hollow – Magic Kingdom

Average Price: Around $7.50 USD





It’s seriously a culture all its own!

Giant Turkey Leg

What is it: Seriously, it’s a GIANT turkey leg! In fact, the turkey (YES, it IS turkey) leg is so huge that it is actually nearly 1,100 calories of deliciousness. Our suggestion – share it with a friend or loved one. Less calories equals less guilt and shame, right?! 😉

Location: snack cart in Frontier Land – Magic Kingdom

Average Price: Around $12.00 USD





Mini Churros with Chocolate dipping sauce (or caramel)

What is it: bite sized churros with dipping sauce. Yum!

Location: Mexico Pavilion – Epcot; Pecos Bill’s – Magic Kingdom

Average Price: Around $4.00 -$5.00 USD

*Not feeling fancy and want a quick snack on the go? Pick up a normal sized plain churro for snacking.*





Cinnamon Rollsnacktip2

What is it: A giant cinnamon roll really built for two…or three!

Location: Gaston’s Tavern and Main Street Bakery – Magic Kingdom

Average Price: Around $4.00 USD





Popcorn in Souvenir bucketcpcb7502741

What is it: Self explanatory. Delicious. Somehow, tastes better when in a souvenir bucket
, like Cinderella’s carriage.  (We had the Cinderella carriage, that our daughter continued to use once we returned from WDW….and then the dog chewed it up….great reason to go back, right?!)

Location: Various locations throughout the 4 parks at Disney World

Average Price: Standard box is around $4.00 USD; Souvenir buckets are around $10.00 USD and $1.50 USD for refills.



Mickey Premium Ice Cream Barf6343979db56dcdff0498f690245e26b

What is it: A vanilla ice cream bar, with a chocolate (YUM!) shell, shaped like our good pal, Mickey. Well…his head.  Either way, it is a delicious, and messy, treat.

Location: Various locations throughout the 4 parks at Disney World

Average Price: $4.25 USD





kss078532-613x408Kitchen Sink Sundae

What is it:
A literal ‘kitchen sink’ bowl shaped like Mickey’s pants and filled with a scoop each of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, drizzled with hot fudge, strawberry and caramel topping and topped with chocolate and peanut butter chips, whipped cream, and, last but not least, a couple of cherries. Sounds delicious, right?! Our suggestion – unless you plan to make this your lunch or dinner (we don’t judge when one is on vacation), grab a few spoons and share with your group.

Location: Beaches & Cream – Beach Club Resort; Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and Plaza Restaurant – Magic Kingdom.

Average Price: Around $14.99 USD

*Disneyland also offers their own version that is slightly smaller, and cheaper. The average price on theirs is $11.99 USD.*


Citrus Swirlcsb683509large

What is it: Similar to Dole Whip, the Citrus Swirl is a combination of vanilla soft-serve and orange slush (AKA – frozen orange juice). This is also available as a float.

Location: Sunshine Tree Terrace – Magic Kingdom

Average Price: Around $3.50 USD




art-of-animation-landscape-of-flavor-chocolate-croissant-pastry-4Chocolate Chip Croissant

This has to be one of my most favorite snacks at WDW. I can neither confirm or deny, but I may, or may not, have had 2 or 3 nearly every day while on my babymoon – Emma was hungry!

What is it: A warm, flaky croissant, filled with chocolate chips, with some chocolate chips drizzled on top along with a little powdered sugar.

Location: Various locations throughout the 4 parks at Disney World, and at most quick service dining locations.

Average Price: Around $3.50 USD


Tell me – what are some of your snack time go-to’s?

While there are so many yummy treats, the popcorn is always our family go-to, but I think that has more to do with Emma than us! 🙂

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