Time for a Midday Break?

Jeff & Adrianna at France Pavilion April 2012- directly behind us : Impressions de France
Jeff & Adrianna at France Pavilion April 2012- directly behind us : Impressions de France

When visiting WDW with a little one, planning nap time and rests is just as important as any other activity while there – unless you prefer to have a cranky, crying toddler on the Jungle Cruise. If you are anything like me, you do not. Well, to be honest, a little break never hurt anyone, even those without kids!

There are many that believe they need to schedule times to go back to their resort to nap in their room; I am guilty of such thoughts. But, during the early part of our daughter’s first visit to WDW, we realized there were all of these perfect places to rest, nap, defrag, cool off – whatever we needed!

While we did not utilize ALL of these locations, this is a list of perfect locations to take a break in each park.

Magic Kingdom

People Mover : This is my absolute go-to! However, I LOVE the People Mover even without the need for a rest.

Hall of President’s : Unless you enjoy a history lesson of past President’s, I hear this is an amazing place to take a nap. 😉

Carousel of Progress : This is one of my other favorites! While I wouldn’t say this is a great resting spot, due to the loud music and talking, but it’s a great break on a hot summer day!

Animal Kingdom

Discovery Island Trails

Flights of Wonder


Future World:

Spaceship Earth : The gentle motions of the ride, the dark lighting, and the calming music make this a perfect nap spot!

Ellen’s Energy Adventure : rumored to be closing soon, so hop on the next long boat ride to learn about energy conservation!

Living with The Land : I personally find this a great resting spot. As a calm boat ride learning about plants, the lull of the water really does help relax one.

World Showcase:

American Pavilion : lobby of American Adventure : people come and go, but you can usually find a seat and relax and cool down on a hot day.

Japan Pavilion : Koi Pond : BEAUTIFUL SPOT! Even if not tired or needing a break, I still insist that you check it out. 🙂

UK Pavilion : Gardens : This is a hit or miss as they usually have some entertainment scheduled here. However, when nothing on schedule, it is nice, shady, and secluded.

China Pavilion : It is incredibly difficult to explain, but when pregnant with our daughter, I found a small dead end, almost like an alcove, outside of the shops. It was quiet, there was seating, and nobody around. My poor pregnant feet and back were ever thankful for that!!

France Pavilion : Impressions de France :  I have never been to this attraction, but hear that the dimly lit theater, and calming music make for a perfect nap!

Hollywood Studios

One Man’s Dream : An amazing attraction and show about Walt Disney and the rise of our beloved WDW. I say, go twice; once to learn about this incredible man, and the next time to get a little rest.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Beauty & The Beast Stage Show : While others find this to be an amazing resting spot, we are a Beauty & The Beast loving family, so we tend to sit up front and stay intensely focused.


Without a doubt, this is not the most conclusive list of places to take a break or to catch a few zzz’s. Do you have any go to places that I missed? Definitely let me know, as I am always looking for a great new spot to rest and relax.

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