New Policy for Kids Entering Parks at Disney

It was recently released that Disney is changing their policy for all park entry. The new policy requires that each child between 3 and 9 now scan their fingerprint upon entry to all parks, just as adults have done for years. They state the policy is to help avoid fraud by having the children scan their fingerprints. It is also noted that if a parent feels uncomfortable with having their child’s fingerprint to be scanned, they are welcome to use their own upon initial entry.

Magic Band & Finger Scanner for park entry at WDW and other Disney locations
               Magic Band & Finger Scanner for park entry at WDW and other Disney locations

The policy technically only affects children between the ages of 3 and 9 years old, but, in all honesty, it will affect all that are entering the parks. I know that I have personally, from time to time, had issues with scanning my finger successfully, and I have seen countless others with the same problem. Imagine adding in thousands of small children, experiencing the same issues, and not quite tall enough to reach. Early reports have said it has slowed down entrance lines slightly, but hasn’t been too bad overall.

Here’s hoping the new policy begins to run smoothly and doesn’t cause too much uproar. Just remember – it’s for the safety of you, your family, your child, and the park. Even if it takes a few tries, it doesn’t take you that much longer to get inside to begin the days adventure!

Personal Tip: When having issues with the finger scanner, cast members told me that any moisture on the finger, or even lotion, might cause it to mis-read. 


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