Introduction from our guest blogger, Elizabeth Breakey

Hi!  Let me start by introducing myself!  My name is Elizabeth Breakey, and I will be guest blogging for Disney Toddlers every other week!  I am a Travel Agent who specializes in Disney and Universal Vacations with an Authorized Disney Travel Planning Agency, Fairy Tale Concierge.  I’m also a GIANT Disney Dork!

My love of Disney started before I was even thought of.  My parent’s

My mother, Elizabeth Breakey, with Alice and the Mad Hatter, Disneyland, 1968

first trip to Disneyland was in 1968, and the love affair was born.


I am the youngest of four children, and each of us were brought up on Disney Parks.  It was a rite of passage in our home to go on your first Disney vacation.  The magic number was always “three”!  At three years old each child got to experience Walt Disney World for the first time, and it was pure magic.

My first ride on the Peoplemover during my first trip to WDW! Notice that I had managed to cut my own hair the week earlier, LOL!

When a person asks why I love Disney so much, the best way I can explain to them is that to me; Disney=Family.  All of my favorite childhood memories are swirled around with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Carousel of Progress and Haunted Mansion!  I don’t know where one memory ends and another begins.  When I’m at Walt Disney World, I truly am home.

As my siblings and I grew up, we all maintained our deep love of all things Disney.  My 10 nieces and nephews all adore the parks and beg for Disney vacations (just like we did!)  It all came full circle 2 years ago when I decided, after years of planning mine and my friends vacations, that I wanted to help make Disney dreams come true every day!  I want to give families the same kind of magical memories

Living the dream at Walt Disney World. Photo Credit: Magical Pix by Candi Clark

that I have of my childhood.  And so, through planning fastpasses, booking dining reservations, scheduling Magical Expresses and more, I do just that!  I get to make dreams a reality, and so really, I have the best job ever!


I look forward to sharing topics, news, tips and more with you through this wonderful site!  Thanks Disney Toddlers for inviting me to join you all!


If you are interested in booking your own Disney vacation, please visit  My Concierge-Level travel planning services are completely free to my clients.

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