Good Ride? Bad Attraction? YOU decide!

Admittedly, this post originally was to be about the worst rides at WDW; the ones to avoid. As I read what others thought on the topic, and thought of my own experiences at WDW, I realized that, with the exception of one universally hated attractions, it’s mostly a personal preference.

WDW has a very large offering of rides and attractions throughout its parks. Some you can’t live without (Soarin’, Space Mountain), some you can (Hall of Presidents), and then there are a few that you just can’t stand (Stitch’s Great Escape).

I have read the thoughts of others, and cringed at some of the rides they listed on the most hated/avoid at all costs lists. Some of those included Journey into Imagination with Figment, Tomorrowland Speedway, Astro Orbiter, and It’s a Small World, just to name a few! Personally, I love all of those!

So, instead of telling you what to avoid, because we ALL have our personal preferences, I wanted to share a couple attractions that I think aren’t all that great, and would personally avoid.

Stitch’s Great Escape – Magic Kingdom

Stitch's Great Escape - Magic Kingdom
Stitch’s Great Escape – Magic Kingdom

This is, by far, the one that tops all the lists. It is listed as a ride, but really isn’t one. You sit in a small auditorium style room in uncomfortable chairs, with heavy plastic shoulder straps pinning you into the seat. Sounds great, right?! And, you spend the next 5 minutes or so going back and forth from light to dark while Stitch ‘spits’ and burps on you. Such a let down for Lilo & Stitch fans. I have been on SGE a handful of times, and each time I ride it, I ask myself “why?”

As a side note, this attraction is rumored to be leaving Magic Kingdom soon and I will be sure to keep you posted as information becomes available!

Primeval Whirl – Animal Kingdom

Primeval Whirl - Animal Kingdom
                Primeval Whirl – Animal Kingdom

Primeval Whirl is whiplash and a concussion wrapped up on a pretty blue track. This ride is located in the DinoLand section of Animal Kingdom and is 90 seconds of torture.

In the 90 second ride, you are in a car that spins in circles as you loop and dip all over the place. It has a ‘mouse trap’ feel to it, whipping back and forth – hence the whiplash!

Personally, unless you want potential injury, or a child vomiting on you, avoid this ride.

So, tell me, what are your favorite rides? What do you dislike and avoid while vacationing at WDW? Maybe I am biased and overwhelmed by my love for WDW, but I love most of what they have!

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