Fun Activities for The Little Ones at Disney World

When most people think of WDW, they think of the parks, the rides, the characters, etc.. However, there are also activities within the parks that are fun and easy for the kids, and something to break up the days. The best part – these might be for little kids, but even adults enjoy these activities, too!

Kidcot Fun Stops & Passports

I can personally attest to this being fun for ALL ages!

Kidcot Fun Stops are located at the various Countries around The World Showcase at Epcot. At each fun stop, kids can do different arts and crafts, or complete coloring sheets. These activities include Duffy the Bear, lovingly referred to as the mascot of Epcot Kidcot Fun Stops. As an adult, I skipped this part…I was nearing the end of my first pregnancy and felt that I had plenty of years ahead of me to color and draw. 🙂

Epcot World Showcase Passport Kits - sells for about $17.00USD
Epcot World Showcase Passport Kits – sells for about $17.00USD

What I didn’t skip was the Passport and passport stamps. At souvenir shops around WDW and Epcot, you can purchase a replica Passport. When going to each Kidcot Fun Stop, a representative of that country will stamp and fill in your Passport – usually with a greeting or quick message in their native language. It’s super fun, slightly educational, and gives you the feeling of actually ‘visiting’ these Countries.
For more information on Kidcot Fun Stops, visit WDW Kidcot Fun Stops.

Children’s Activity Centers

Children’s Activity Centers come in handy when mom and dad want a night out alone for dinner, or to take the time to visit some attractions their children are too young or short for. Either way, this is an amazing option that WDW provides to its guests that aren’t traveling with multiple adults or family members.

Currently, there are 4 Children’s Activity Centers within WDW resorts, including:

  • Simba’s Clubhouse @ Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Sandcastle Club @ Beach Club Resort
  • Lilo’s Playhouse @ Polynesian Resort
  • Camp Dolphin @ Dolphin Hotel

Each center, obviously, has trained professionals to ensure the kids have just as much fun as mom and dad. They offer varied themed activities at each location, along with games (board and video), toys, and crafts.

Each center also has planned dinner and snack, at 6pm and 10pm respectively. The cost of dinner and snack are included in the rates paid at each location. Currently, Simba’s Clubhouse and Camp Dolphin charge $15 per hour, while Lilo’s Playhouse and Sandcastle Club charge a flat rate of $55 for the evening.

Reservations can be made up to 180 days prior to travel and are highly suggested for all locations. It has been noted that Camp Dolphin requires reservations be made for each child.

For more information and requirements, or to book your night out, please call (407) 939-3463, or visit online at WDW Children’s Activity Centers.

*Please note, if needed, WDW also offers in room child care options.*

Coin Press

Penny and Quarter press machines are ALL over WDW. Currently, there are over 600 available designs. Press machines can be located at WDW resorts and within the theme parks themselves. Designs include series of princesses, princes, Mickey and his pals, rides, attractions, resorts, landscapes…you name it! There are two types of machines : you push a button and it spits out your coin, or, our favorite, the crank where you do ALL the work!

This is definitely one of our favorite, fairly low cost, activities for our family! Pressed pennies cost 51 cents – 2 quarters and 1 penny; pressed quarters cost $1.25.

Our daughters coin book from December 2015
Emma’s coin book from December 2015

WDW has made it such a fun experience and usually offer 2-3 book options for purchase around the parks to house your coins. The books usually cost $9-$10USD each and hold 48 pennies and 6 quarters. Also, not all machines are easy to find; there are some hidden here and there, or in areas where one might not think they would be. It’s fun to hunt them down, or look for a specific coin. And, if you want to take the guesswork out of it, there are websites that provide updated listing of locations. Additionally, you should be able to receive a print out of coins and locations at some of the resorts – we got ours from The Grand Floridian at guest services.

For more information on the most up to date listing on available coins and locations, we suggest visiting Press Coins, The unofficial guide of WDW pressed coins.

*Just a note – it seems that there may now be dime press machines inside Tomorrowland. I have never personally seen these machines, but if there is anyone who can confirm, please let me know!*

Hidden Mickey’s

Meticulously placed rocks to turn a man hole cover into an image of Mickey – Magic Kingdom

What most people don’t know is that the amazing imagineers and designers at WDW have hidden Mickey Mouse images all over the theme parks, as well as Disney resorts, off site stores, basically anywhere that they can. During down times, or even while waiting for other member’s of your party, standing

in line for a ride, take the time to look at your surroundings – buildings, walkways, windows. You might be surprised by what you find!

I have looked high and low, and there isn’t a specific number of hidden Mickey Mouse images due to refurbishments, theme closures, new attractions, etc, but I can guarantee there are hundreds, if not thousands…enough to keep your young ones occupied. This might be a great activity to plan ahead of time, whether it be having each child look for specific Mickey’s, or see who can find the most in the shortest amount of time. If old enough, have them write down where the Mickey was seen. If not quite old enough and not writing quite yet, have them make a Mickey Mouse head for each one.

One of MANY hidden Mickey’s – Sportsman’s Shoppe

For more information on where to find these elusive suckers, I suggest visiting this guy – he knows what he is talking about! : Hidden Mickey Guy

Quick tip : Not only is there a book you can buy with Hidden Mickey’s, there is also an app that you can download for your iPhone or Android phone!

Buy your guide here: Hidden Mickeys Guide

What are some of your favorite non-ride activities to do around WDW and its resorts with your kids? We would love to hear from you!

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