Disney Bringing Peace of Mind as Zika Spreads

At this point, everyone has heard of the ZIKA Virus. The ZIKA Virus is a mosquito spread virus that has been more problematic for pregnant women, as it can significantly affect their unborn child. I won’t go into details, because I am sure that most parents have subjected themselves to the scary stories and information that is circulating the Internet. BUT, if you want more detailed information on ZIKA Virus, we suggest you visit the World Health Organization (WHO) or the CDC  for the most accurate information. ZIKA Virus – Centers for Disease Control

In light of the continued spread of ZIKA, with one confirmed case now in Orlando, WDW has decided to expand their very extensive protocol for insect prevention (seriously, in all of my years visiting, I have only ever gotten a couple of bug bites while staying at Fort Wilderness).

                      Mosquito Prevention Kiosk at WDW

Over the weekend, WDW began distributing information on ‘Mosquito Prevention,’ and setting up kiosks around its parks where guests can apply insect repellent.
There are numerous kiosks located in Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and at Disney Springs. Just a note – it was also reported that Universal Studios and Sea World were also implementing the same precaution within its park.

Mosquito Prevention Kiosk at WDW
Mosquito Prevention Kiosk at WDW

At each kiosk, guests can get information cards on prevention and apply one of the repellents provided by WDW (which mostly appears to be Cutter brand). From all appearances, it does not appear that WDW is offering multiple brands/types of repellent, but for those with potential allergies, or those preferring one brand over another, or even just an organic option, I suggest you remember to pack what works best for you and your family. The CDC also lists some repellents that might work best to protect you from bites and ZIKA that can be viewed HERE. (Please note, they do not list any organic or natural items, only because they are not registered with the EPA, so cannot be tested for potential coverage.)

Also, in addition to the park kiosks, WDW is now providing insect repellent in each of its resort hotel rooms for guests, who are then welcome to take any remaining spray home with them, if they like.

Disney released the following statement over the weekend:

“In an abundance of caution, we are accelerating preventative efforts throughout our property, including providing complimentary insect repellent to our Guests along with helpful guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,” A Disney spokesperson said in an email. ”We have an extensive mosquito-prevention and monitoring program in place, and we continue to work closely with local, state and federal experts on this topic.”

As the mother of a young daughter, as a member of a family that is visiting WDW in April, and as someone who is hoping to expand their family, I find it wonderful that WDW is offering as much as they can to help protect its guests that come from all over the Globe!


Tell me: Does the increase in ZIKA within the area affect your current or future travel to WDW? OR, will you plan to take extra precautions and enjoy any upcoming travel?

ALSO, if you have a great insect repellent to recommend, especially for young children, please feel free to share!



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