BIG news out of Disney – farewell to the Main Street Electrical Parade!

Over the past few days, it has been rumored that the Main Street Electrical Parade would be finishing its historic run at WDW. After news broke that Disneyland would be completing it’s run of the Paint the Night parade as of September 5th, rumors became even more rampant.

As of this evening, Disney has confirmed that it WILL be ending its run of MSEP at Magic Kingdom. The last parade will be held on October 9th, and will then be sent to Disneyland for what they are calling an ‘encore engagement.’

While there is no specific word yet on what will replace MSEP, it is being rumored that Paint the Night will be headed to the East Coast.

Although MSEP has come and gone from Magic Kingdom at WDW a few times, it has truly been my most favored parade over the years. The music, the lights, the sounds : they are moments of my childhood that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Main Street Electrical Parade - Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World
Main Street Electrical Parade – Magic Kingdom – Walt Disney World

Hopefully, we won’t have to speculate long to find out what will be replacing MSEP. For many, I know this is going to be a welcomed change; yet, for me, it is going to be hard to accept a replacement…so it better be REALLY good!

What are your thoughts on this news? Shocking? Happy? Sad? I would love to hear what others think!

And, as more information is released from Disney, you will definitely get an update from me!

UPDATE on Main Street Electrical Parade: 

Disney released a blog yesterday morning with some BIG news! Sadly, MSEP will be leaving Magic Kingdom after October 9th, but WDW wanted to allow all of their fans the opportunity to see MSEP live one last time. This Sunday evening, the 28th at 8:55pm ET, they will be airing the MSEP live on the Walt Disney World Blog site. I imagine the site might get jammed, although I am really hoping it doesn’t.

So, where will you be on Sunday night?! I know where I will be since I won’t be able to get to WDW before MSEP leaves us to head West.

And, after Sunday, you can still catch MSEP from dozens of posters on YouTube, but by visiting Disney for a POV approach that makes you feel like you are a part of the parade!

For more information, and to watch Sunday night’s parade, please visit the Disney Parks Blog.

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